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Ben Chamla
Ben Chamla
CEO & Founder

As a young entrepreneur passionate about tech and start’ups, I talked with a lots of frustrated entrepreneurs, most of them face the same issues! They are great with something but missing something else ! That was my motivation to found CartelTech ! A one stop place that will provide you the skill you don’t have and allow you to share your strong skills with others through the Cartel !

CartelTech works with a large community of developers and designers. We also have partnerships with Marketing agencies, VCs, Banks, Press agencies, Accountants, and more… Everything entrepreneurs need to build and achieve their visons !

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs

– Henry Harrison Ford

How We Work


Because we are startupers ourselves, we keep a piece of our time to develop some in-house innovative and useful products… here are some exemple : 

  • Major°Uber is good but it’ll be better without surge pricing. Major° is locating exactly where the surge zone are and allow you to avoid them. Ow and by the way you can also pre-book your Uber on Major°
    Presse : GQ Magazine , IletaitunePub.
  • Babun: The startupper toolbox. startuppers always need new tools, and there are a lot out there.. Babun give you access to thousands of preselected and categorized tools at the right time . Ow and by the way you can access them directly into your Slack http://www.babun.io/
  • Moonlight : The fastest way to RSVP, See when you’re available right from your keyboard and select open time slots for your invitee to choose from. It’s that simple.

We constantly innovate and launch new products. If you got a project and look for partners we are always happy to participate to new interesting and problem solving projects

Our team is organized and well prepared to take on huge software challenges. The Cartel can take on any kind of Mobile apps, smart watch apps, apple tv, tablette, website, messenger bots, chrome extensions, slack extensions and the list is long.

Our team of expert designer, UI/UX experts, senior developers, testers and product managers are use to work together and the processes optimize to propose you the best experience through the development of your projects with the Cartel.

Through the past 2 years we’ve been working on different type of projects in a lots of different fields! here are some exemples

  • Instacare (Médical) : On demand instant medical appointment
  • DayDate (Dating) : The online dating experience took offline.. Stop chatting and start meeting
  • Doobi (Babysitting) : On demand babysitters
  • Madame Dressing (Fashion) : The shared dressing in the middle east
  • BoboVino (Vin) : The wine market place. From the little winegrower to any wine drinker
  • Happening (Art) : The art media that let the informations about art circulate for good
  • ContentSquare (Tech): A unique Saas solution to: Measure the performance of your content. Understand your customer journey and optimize your web and mobile UX.

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